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Spirit Friends ~ Transformational Jewelry Pendants ~ Portals of Light

Thank you so much for crafting such excellent medicine.
When I wear the Spirit Friends...I feel that I am back in
making new boundaries and getting back to the business of dancing
my prayers. ~Cecily

Throughout time, humans have created sacred objects and images imbued with the spirit essence they wish to attract and embody. The Spirit Friends are sacred jewelry pendants, crafted with intricate beauty and deep meaning, intended to infuse our lives with the specific energies we wish to attract and embody. They emerged across my many years of healing work that included deep immersion into the spirit realms through music designed to bridge worlds and dissolve separation. They answered our prayers when spirit medicine was most needed, when our own inward answers were most called for.
Tuned to states of wholeness drawn from archetypal, totemic and postural themes, these allies are as powerful as the love and attention we give them. They can be worn, held, placed on altars or carried in medicine pouches. Our communion and honoring, our taking joy in them, sends a silent intention to unite with their unique spirit powers with which they are encoded. It is a sacred relationship that reminds us of our intention. This is the magic. Over time we become that.

Kwan Yin
For example, of the Spirit Beings, Time Traveler prompts us to anchor in the home base of our heart, while expanding our awareness as the cosmic witness; Eagle Woman helps to initiate high-level vision, inspiration and creativity; Kwan Yin assists in awakening our empathy and compassion and reminds us of who we truly are.
When choosing who will become our ally or allies we might peruse the description of the powers with which they have been encoded. However, it is not our intellect that usually decides upon a Spirit Friend as our ally. Most often it is our heart and soul’s essence that intuitively draws us to what may help deepen our path of self-discovery, healing and harmony. Our heart finds its natural resonance. Our soul knows what we seek and naturally forms its invisible bond with an ally.

The following experience best illustrates this beautiful, timeless dance of swirling the formless into form, of being what we wish to become.

Dancing Rain

Many years ago, I was invited to a feast day and ceremonial dance at a pueblo village along the Rio Grande in New Mexico. In the early afternoon, a procession of dancers entered the plaza accompanied by a small group of drummers and singers. Seated in a corner near the ceremonial kiva was a tiny, aged woman, her gaze fixed on a solitary cloud drifting on the horizon, her weathered hands seeming to beckon it. As the dancing and chanting stretched into the late afternoon, clouds gathered, casting dark shadows across the earth. And when they finally burst, they brought the kind of rains danced alive in ceremony.

Whether it is for compassion or harmony, a fruitful harvest, gratitude or rain that we dance or pray, it is our communion with its spirit essence that brings it into existence. More than ever, the opportunity now arises for choosing to embrace tools that help calm the turbulent waters of our lives, that help to strengthen inner peace and compassion. The Spirit Friends ask us to remember that the values we choose to sustain within ourselves, in turn serve the world.

Design Elements

Wind Dancer
The sacred intention with which these intricate designs and detailing have been created has been sensitive to making them potent healing tools for self-discovery and personal growth. They are intricately carved on both front and back, and their weight is such that they are tactile vessels for our intentions and prayers.

Although the Spirit Friends are available in sterling silver and gold, since the Bronze Age 5000 years ago, bronze has been considered to be a sacred metal alloy. They are now also available in fine jewelry bronze, not only enhancing their energetic healing potential, but making them accessible, meaningful gifts.

I am deeply honored in sharing these unique Spirit Beings with you. It is my sincere wish that you discover the Friend that will help you and those you love on your soul’s path.

Meet the Spirit Friends Transformational Pendants

Bronze Spirit Friends
Silver Spirit Friends

The Spirit Friends are also available in Gold upon request.
The price of Silver may fluctuate over time.

Remember who you truly are...