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Time Traveler ~ The Rio Balsas

Rio Balsas, Mexico

Continuing my travels, another serendipitous event crossed my path while visiting a small Mexican village inland from Acapulco in the rugged mountains of the Rio Balsas.

Time Traveler
Here, I was invited into a rustic little hut, where my soul rested in the gaze of the wizened eyes of a tiny curandera. Though we did not speak the same language, we enjoyed humor and tea together. And then, as we were leaving, the old woman reached into her deep apron pockets, offering me a small strand of graduated stone beads along with a palm-sized, green stone figure, its hands gathered just beneath the heart. Returning home, I was profoundly touched and inspired by this being. Finding a comfortable position, I made a ritual of meditating with him, often at daybreak and sometimes with Amani’s transporting music. As our essence awakened together, I felt everything crumbling away as I traveled deep into my heart. I called this ancient being, Time Traveler.

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