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Temple of the Jaguar

Chichen Itza ~ Temple of the Jaguar
In the early eighties, I traveled to the Yucatan, to the Temple of the Jaguar in the Mayan-Toltec ceremonial site of Chichen Itza, anther auspicious moment in creating the Spirit Friends. Climbing the steep, inner stairwell to the Throne Room, I honored the spirit of the Jaguar standing in his ancient supremacy, painted bright red, eyes glowing and inlaid jade spotting his body. I made offerings of crystals and prayers in the small well-worn niches. And then, cautiously descending the narrow stairwell, I was thrown off balance by a visitor rapidly climbing the stairs.

Reaching out for stability, I inadvertently grasped an exposed electrical wire leading to a single dangling light bulb. Straining to release myself from the power surging through my body, I finally lunged down the stairs to gulp my first rash of fresh air and collapse in the cool grass.

Jaguar Spirit Friend
Journal Entry, 1982: “In my honoring and offerings, my silent intention was to connect with the spirit of this ancient being. The electrical charge was the opening and transport for our sacred bonding, when our life forces joined as one. And I clearly received his blessing as my protector. ” This day, Jaguar became my ally and the overarching power figure of the Spirit Friends collection.

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