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Gateway to the Sun

Machu Picchu ~ Peru
Today we boarded a train in Cuzco, Peru, that would take us through the sacred valley of the Urubamba River. By sunset we were on a bus making an arduous ascent on steep mountain switchbacks to Machu Picchu, the most extraordinary legacy of the Incan civilization. As we made our approach, I felt the tears of familiarity on my cheeks.

Following a dream-filled night accompanied by torrential rains, I rose before dawn and walked towards the temple. An old gatekeeper let me in, and I spent time in his little hut before wandering alone through this sanctuary, savoring the stillness. He taught me a few Quechua words, which was the original language of the Incan Empire. He shared with me that here the Sacred Feminine was revered, and that the Incas were The Children of the Sun.

As I wandered as if in a dream, little by little something began to interface these dripping landscapes. Taking shape through the transparencies of this mystical world was a vision of a giant sun disc, a shimmering solar wheel revolving through timeless dimensions.

Serpent Sun
At the same time, I looked down to see that a landslide had washed out part of the serpentine road we had climbed the night before. The buses would not be carrying hundreds of visitors until late afternoon. We were almost alone as we explored and climbed Huayna Picchu.

And what of my vision? Was this giant Solar Disc a Cosmic Gateway, a medicine wheel of Light spinning a portal, like a prayer wheel, into the sun and heart of creation; a timeless vortex spiraling life-force energy into form?

My travels and the people I have encountered have been the most serendipitous to my life’s service. With profound respect, I am thanking all of my extraordinary clients, friends, family and teachers: Irma, who so elegantly taught me the art of Tai-Chi; Dr. Felicitas Goodman, who introduced me to ancient body postures; William Archerd, who crafted these exquisite spirit images of my visions; the masterful musicians including my son Amani, who produced the medicine music to accompany my healing work; Nancy Brown of Studio X and her staff for their caring design process in creating this website; Audrey Derell for her sacred, altar photographs of the Spirit Friends; my dear friend, Ariana, the computer whisperer, who has always been supportive of my work; Margot, my steadfast, long term sidekick; Paul Simon, whose Bonita Tours sparked many of our most wildly unpredicatble adventures. And my deepest bows to the Old Ones, the ancient lineage holders and wisdom carriers whom I met all along the way.

Remember who you truly are...