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About Benté Friend

  • “It is a long long way
    Benté Friend
  • If you listen to your mind
  • It is a short short way
  • If you listen to your heart.”
  • Mirko Udzenija

Dancing the Inner Dream

My earliest passion was dancing. Through dance I experienced the soul’s twilight, the spirit’s sweet spot between worlds. Our soul loves to dance, it loves music, and it loves to create. It loves stillness, awe and wonder, and most of all, intuitive sensitivity. It shows up in many guises: synchronous forms of nature’s creations, the serendipitous gaze in the eyes of an Old One, often in sacred sites, ceremonials and rituals. It shies away from the mind’s analytical scrutiny and the intellect’s harder edges. Infinitely mysterious, the soul’s magic is always at work in the silent spaces behind our world.

In the following stories I share how the soul’s presence showed up as the key to my life and to my healing work. It is the blueprint of pure essence, of inner peace, truth and joy that eventually led to the creation of the Spirit Friends, twilight beings that transmit, remind and attract energy from the realms of the soul. I sincerely hope these stories will inspire the discovery of the spirit worlds secretly guiding your own life.

My love of traveling is also a passion that became integral to creating the Spirit Friends. Venturing into unknown mysteries of life became the outer journeys paralleling the inner. This seed was first planted when I was seven and my family emigrated from Denmark to Canada, crossing the Atlantic in the stormiest time of spring. We then traveled by train across Canada to Vancouver, British Columbia, where the hopes and dreams of thirteen people took hold in a small rooming house. I started school not knowing one word of English. Scary at first, but as a kid you take it in like osmosis.
Then at the age of ten, a life-threatening lung disease settled deep into my life. Bedridden in severe pain with high fevers and alone with my imagination, I discovered the master seed. This illness cracked my reality and threw open the doors to other realms. It dissolved boundaries and borders between worlds and sent me into dreamscapes where I was not alone and where my fight for life was not the only focus. I came to realize that my soul realms were also the source of my inner strength, resilience and healing. The seasons swept by the windowpanes of my life until, at the age of thirteen, my left lung was surgically removed. I came away from these years recognizing that a place always waited inside untouched by doubt or fear, a place that I would one day use to mend the wounds that also lived there.

Selkhet ~ Isis
Fast forward...In my mid-twenties, I met the man with whom I had my first son, Jessie. When we later separated, I remained with Jessie on the island property we owned off the coast of British Columbia. Here I studied herbal medicine, growing herb gardens and all of our own vegetables, relying on the co-op only for staples.
Then in swept February, the most, bitter cold and gray time of the year of our island life. Warmer climes were calling. I excitedly invited a friend to accompany three-year-old Jessie and myself to Tikal, Guatamala, the ancient city and ceremonial center of the Mayan civilization. I share it here because this became not only an outward journey through mystical landscapes, but a deeper inward journey to the edge of life and death.

My Stories ~ How the Spirit Friends were Inspired and Created

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