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Benté Friend is the designer of the Spirit Friends, a collection of sacred talismans that culminate her life’s healing work. Talisman is derived from the Greek telesma meaning, a rite of initiating into the mysteries. Telesmas are allies bringing to life the powers of the spirit realms.

Although they are available in sterling silver and gold, since the Bronze Age 5000 years ago, bronze has been considered to be a sacred metal alloy, further enhancing the energetic healing potential of the Spirit Allies. Now available in Fine Jewelry Bronze!

We may never fathom the mysteries of the ancients. But we do know that sacred sound rhythms and music have always been here to create a field of harmonic resonance. Designed to bridge worlds and tune us to our soul’s center, the pioneering music of Liquid Bloom acts as a sonic prayer for deep immersion into the spirit worlds. With deep gratitude, Benté applies these sacred, healing soundscapes to guide seekers into direct experiences of their soul’s truth, where luminous currents create an energetic framework for self discovery and awakening the simple joy of being alive.

Remember who you truly are...